Mintamintae was born as a collective through the bond created by its members from their interest in the new technologies linked to digital art. Motivated by the moment, different artists from a variety of disciplines with recognized international trajectory met to support each other and undertake together this new artistic adventure. At the beginning, we were just a group with the need to learn how to take the first steps in a recent ecosystem that is governed by new categories and relationships between art collecting and production. Little by little, we have built a very cohesive group with which we believe we can foster an environment in which to grow as artists individually and collectively, reinforcing our presence and making our work visible. We seek to shape these aspects from our experience and our more or less local condition, in order to connect with the movement at an international level. As the name suggests, Mintamintae, promotes our Latin roots projecting them to the world. 

We understand that it is a new space in which many rules and behaviors have yet to be defined. We believe that the incipient platforms and the movement in general need to mature and that all this has just begun. As time goes by we are taking a more reflective attitude about this development, where our main interest is to explore and learn-as children do-to get our hands dirty. 

We see all this as a springboard, an opportunity to inaugurate a new era of artistic experimentation. As a collective we want to consolidate this moment and lay the foundations of this new way of developing our artistic career because we firmly believe in the possibilities that open up from here and we believe in the future.

The art collective.